Cubo Ai Baby Camera Received the US CTIA Certification to Make Parents Feel More at Ease

2021 / 03 / 26

Many first-time parents are always worried that they might cause some accidents due to their negligence and lack of experiences, such as the baby's nose and mouth being covered when sleeping. Yun Yun AI baby monitor was founded in 2017. They have done many market research and interviewed many users, and deeply understand the pain points of those first-time parents. So Yun Yun decided to come out with a solution by using AI technology for the safety of the babies. In 2018, they launched the first AI baby monitor, Cubo Ai in the world. Yun Yun has developed the software to the firmware of Cubo Ai with its independent research and development. 沈時宇 (Shen Shi Yu), the founder and chief technology officer of Yun Yun stated that, Cubo Ai can actively detect potentially dangerous situations such as mouth and nose covered by foreign debris or turning over, then issue the warning signal right away, therefore parents can respond immediately. Since Cubo Ai launched in the market, they are showing an excellent result in Taiwan and English countries, especially in Australia, and even won the top sales among their competitors. "Although the AI R&D team of Cubo Ai has already added the consideration of cyber-security during the design stage, and are confident in having the capability of minimizing the risk of the monitor are being hacked", said 沈時宇 (Shen Shi Yu), but there are still times where Yun Yun has received users’ concerns about cyber-security and are deeply afraid of the risk of privacy leakage or even the risk of babies being frightened by the monitor. Based on these reasons, Yun Yun started the preparations to obtain the CTIA certification in 2020 and passed Onward Security's test in January 202. Having CTIA certification is like having a guarantee from the powerful notary office, which is giving more faith to the customers.


Clarify product's potential vulnerabilities through notary office inspections

沈時宇 (Shen Shi Yu)  revealed, other founders of Yun Yun including him had all served in the famous anti-virus software companies and have solid ability in the cyber-security field. They deeply understand the importance of adding security into the product development stage, in order to reduce the chance of being hacked. Therefore, they were using a lot of the safety measures such as "bank encryption program", and "the machine has no external IP". However, he still believes that cybersecurity is not just self approval, it is better to look for third-party verification. One, it can provide the safest guarantee, and secondly customers will gain trust and confidence towards the products. For this reason, Yunyun kept looking for a certification company with a perfect reputation, in the end, they found Onward Security. Different from other cybersecurity companies, Onward Security is not only good at IT cybersecurity but also an IoT cybersecurity expert. Moreover, Onward Security is already having a solid relationship with many large Netcom and IoT manufacturers, thus Yun Yun has decided to cooperate with Onward Security. Onward Security analysis shows that Cubo Ai's major market is North America and by having the WiFi function, the IoT Cybersecurity Certification issued by CTIA will be the best choice to obtain. It is also worth mentioning that Onward Security is the only one cybersecurity testing laboratory that is accredited and authorized by CTIA, it can also save the communication cost and time of overseas tests. In October 2020, Yunyun Technology officially sent Cubo Ai into the Onward Security laboratory and the first report came out two weeks later.


Explain the contents of the clause patiently, and give the compliance advice together

沈時宇 (Shen Shi Yu) stated that, Yun Yun was deeply impressed by the IT team of Onward Security. The test report was extremely detailed, the steps and processes and even the remaining logs of the test are all very clear and highly professional. In Yun Yun technology colleagues' (who have a solid knowledge of cybersecurity) eyes, they immediately find out where the problems are, at the same time, they also understand that through the participation of third-party, they can help identify blind spots in development. Carrying on to the next step, Onward Security has invited Yun Yun to call a meeting. The discussion is based on the items that were not passed in the first test and to further explain the corresponding regulations, in order to make Yun Yun understand the purpose of CTIA. After that, they started to discuss deeply about the direction of the amendment to meet the requirements of CTIA. During the discussion, Onward Security explained the abstruse regulations in the most accessible words, at the same time providing advice and giving the option of solutions. The development team of Yun Yun Technology also completed the vulnerability correction in the fastest time and passed in the second test. 沈時宇 (Shen Shi Yu) emphasized that the original intention of Yun Yun is to obtain CTIA certification were not for boosting their sales, but to make customers can feel safer when using their products. In the future, Cubo Ai will expand their market to non-English speaking countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, and so on. With more users and greater responsibilities, Yun Yun must be sure to achieve a more solid and complete cybersecurity of the products produced. Yun Yun will continue to work closely with Onward Security to obtain more IoT cybersecurity certifications, and further implement DevSecOps. Cubo Ai products include not only the physical device itself, but also including the cloud services and apps, all the parts of the product are equally important and no vulnerabilities and flaws are allowed.

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