ioXt Intelligence: A Q&A with Morgan Hung, General Manager of Onward Security

2022 / 07 / 14

By: Grace Burkard, director of operations at ioXt Alliance

From cybersecurity certifying top global manufacturers and brands like TikTok to partnering with government agencies like National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ioXt Alliance is fortunate to collaborate with leaders and influencers involved in the IoT industry. And, we want to bring you their thoughts on the topics that matter most.

Welcome to the first installment of our new Q&A blog series, The ioXt Intelligence. This regular feature will focus on interviews with leaders and influencers from across ioXt Alliance’s extensive community to discuss their experiences and provide expert advice on a range of business topics that matter most to us.

We’re thrilled to kick this series off with Morgan Hung, General Manager of Onward Security, a member of the ioXt Authorized Labs and a leading brand in security assessment solutions for connected devices.

Morgan Hung

1. Can you tell us more about Onward Security? What do you do/what services and solutions do you provide?

Onward Security is dedicated to cybersecurity compliance solutions and helps customers in Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT) equipment manufacturing, finance, and telecom for fast obtaining security certification and effectively managing risks and vulnerabilities of open source software to ensure cyber and product security.


2. Why did you join the ioXt Alliance?

Partnering with the ioXt Alliance will allow us to open our facilities to more companies and ensure devices comply with their global security standards which provides visibility and protects consumers from vulnerabilities. We also see there are increasing needs from the customer side that they require such a certification platform to support their products entering overseas markets. Manufacturers who are usually based in Asia such as China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and India will seek a third-party lab to assist them in product security assessment.
We believe ioXt Alliance can provide one more option platform for manufacturers, who can support them in adapting security standards from different organizations or countries, which is why Onward Security as a security lab would be grateful to join ioXt Alliance as a Lab partner.


3. What’s the most important development happening in the IoT/cybersecurity industry and what does that mean for IoT devices and/or consumers?

Currently, the three major aspects of IoT devices facing attacks are the device itself, protocols, and software. As most IoT devices are developed with open-source software, the lack of security by design during product development and the integration of vulnerable third-party open-source software into IoT devices can lead to detrimental impacts on an organization.


4. How is Onward Security shifting its services/solutions to accommodate new cybersecurity threats?

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats that today’s organizations face are challenges in properly identifying the vulnerabilities of third-party open-source software in the software supply chain security. To help mitigate these challenges, Onward Security launched HERCULES SecSAM which is a Security Assessment Management platform that can effectively solve OSS risk control and SBOM management and other complex issues.


5. What inspires you most in the work that you do?

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises which also brought even more complex cyber-attacks. Meanwhile, facing the increasing requirements of stringent regulation around the world, we utilize our expertise in IoT cybersecurity to help customers more easily realize product cybersecurity, as well as accelerate the time-to-market. Just like our company name "Onward Security," we are not only constantly moving forward in professional technology, but have been accompanying our customers to move onward with a secure goal in order to make connected devices more secure. This is my joy and achievement at work.


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