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Onward Security and ioXt offer security monitoring for certified products

2021 / 08 / 31

We are proud to share that Onward Security now offers security management and monitoring via its Security Assessment Management platform, HERCULES SecSAM, for all products certified through ioXt Alliance. This offering supports our efforts to facilitate stronger industry-wide standards, create safer IoT ecosystems and ensure connected products are secured from manufacturing to the hands of end users. 

SecSAM works by importing Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) for each ioXt-certified device. This SBOM is then used to monitor Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), which then generates a report of the severity and likelihood of what vulnerabilities may impact a product’s security. There are numerous benefits of the program for those who hold or are in the process of obtaining ioXt certifications including:

  • Easily create SBOMs: By utilizing automation technology to analyze software, SecSAM creates the basis of risk management and improves the security of the software supply chain.
  • Quickly investigate and resolve vulnerabilities: Through Cybersecurity Bill of Materials (CBOM), SecSAM manages and tracks vulnerabilities in the stages of development, testing, and maintenance, and integrates CI/CD development tools to facilitate instant resolution.
  • Avoid intellectual property disputes: SecSAM’s open source license analysis can check the license mode of OSS components to avoid affecting the interests of corporate intellectual property rights.
  • Comply with global IoT security standards: By adopting ioXt’s global standard for IoT security, SecSAM assesses the product risks rating.

At the ioXt Alliance, we understand that global standards agreed upon by the industry  are mission-critical to securing devices in the IoT ecosystem. It’s why we require all ioXt-certified products to monitor the security of security critical components. This offering from Onward Security helps all manufacturers achieve this requirement and ultimately increase the confidence of consumers of connected devices.

Interested in leveraging Onward Security’s SecSAM platform? Click here to register and learn more, or contact [email protected].