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Onward Security Breakthroughs Endlessly, Unveiling its New Logo and Leading the IoT Cybersecurity Trend

2020 / 04 / 10

Onward Security, a leading brand of IoT cybersecurity compliance solutions, has unveiled its new logo that uses the latest intelligent and technology image as the main theme in the design, giving it a positive, protective, and powerful meaning visually. In terms of the colors, adopting reliable dark blue and confident yellow-orange of the corporate colors represents the company's professionalism, trust, and innovation.

The new logo of Onward Security uses the hexagonal shape like a honeycomb, which represents the image of a solid structure, and also has the meaning of nurturing and protecting life. The hexagonal shape is an advanced transformation of Onward's O and has the image of a shield. The W in the hexagon, in addition to the W representing Onward, also symbolizes IoT World. The company is committed to driving the cybersecurity of the IoT world and creating a more secure connected environment. In addition, the design that deliberately retains a little space between the hexagon and W symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit of constantly accepting challenges, not limited to the frame, and constantly innovating.

Finally, with the adoption of the new logo, we also look forward to creating new values for our customers and helping them win business opportunities together under this changing cybersecurity environment.

About Onward Security

Onward Security is a leading brand in cybersecurity and provides security assessment solutions for connected devices. Founded in 2014, in addition to possessing an international laboratory, it develops automated security assessment products with AI and machine learning features. Onward Security has received patents and awards in many countries and helped customers in government, IoT/IIoT equipment manufacturing, finance, telecom, and other industries with certificates obtaining. Its products and services discover potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and protect important information or product security, as well as be fulfill with security compliance and industrial standards.