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Onward Security Granted 2020 Best IT Company Award

2020 / 10 / 28

Unveiling "the key to future IoT cybersecurity" at Code Blue

TAIPEI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Onward Security, a leading provider of IoT cybersecurity compliance solutions, will deliver a speech at the international cybersecurity conference Code Blue 2020, revealing the current status of IoT cybersecurity, the requirements of global IoT device security, and the key to success in the future market. This year, apart from being the only IoT cybersecurity testing lab in Asia authorized by CTIA, Onward Security also won a number of international awards. It was named the Grand Trophy winner by the Network Products Guide’s 2020 IT World Awards, winning the gold prize for IT Risk Management, Application Security Testing (AST), and silver prize for Best IT Company of the Year.

As estimated by American market research institutions, the global application security market is expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 17.7%. The market growth will be mainly driven by the increasing application attacks, the employees’ BYOD, the enterprises’ cloud deployment, the governments’ increasingly stringent cybersecurity regulations, and a growing number of complex threats, which will all lead to a wider use of solutions such as application security testing services and threat intelligence. Morgan Hung, General Manager of Onward Security, said, “Vulnerabilities that are constantly being revealed keep cybersecurity risks at a high level. For those repeatedly occurring product safety issues, we can cut costs and reduce risks more effectively by tracking down their sources.

Onward Security’s “HERCULES SecFlow product security management system” allows the R&D team to identify major cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the system through open-sourced risk management at the software design and development stage, so as to avoid and correct them from the beginning. HERCULES SecFlow, along with the “HERCULES SecDevice automated vulnerability assessment tool”, can provide automated functions like vulnerability testing for connected products, and protocol-related vulnerability discovery and security assessment by uncovering unknown vulnerabilities through fuzz testing in more than 120 tests, allowing the team to perform dual security checks during the design and testing phases and effectively reduce cybersecurity risks.

About Onward Security

Onward Security is committed to addressing IoT cybersecurity issues. Apart from a world-class laboratory, it has independently developed automated security assessment products with AI features and received multiple patents and international awards. It helps customers obtain cybersecurity certificates, discover potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, safeguard important information and products, and comply with security regulations and industrial standards.

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