Enterprise Security Services

Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing service is to assist the enterprise to validate and test the security strength of the internal and external systems, to find out the security threats and potential issues. The full security assessment report will be provided to the customer for improvement.

Highlights of our Network Penetration Testing Service:

  • In compliance with government regulation, industrial criteria, and customer requirement
  • Find out the vulnerability in the webpage, database, application, operation system, network and length of the password in the early stage
  • Review the present process to see if there is any security defect for improvement
  • Strength the security policy and mechanism
  • Secure the operation environment to promote the confidence from the customer

Preparation Phase - Project Execution Plan:

【 Penetration Testing Team 】


【 Penetration Testing Methods 】

【 Execution Phase - Perform Penetration Testing 】

【 Evaluation and Closing Phase - Results Analysis and Reporting 】