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Who are CREST


Set up in the UK in 2006, a non-profit accreditation and certification body. Recognized globally as the cyber assurance body for the technical security industry, it is to help create a secure digital world for all by quality assuring the members and delivering professional certifications to the cyber security industry.

Benefits of CREST Certification

  • Access to trusted service organizations utilizing highly skilled, knowledgeable and competent individual
  • Procurement support
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Rigorous application process for added assurance

CREST Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment Services

Onward Security penetration testing and vulnerability assessment service can help clients identify potential internal and external security issues.

Not only penetration testing to assess your system security, but also integrate with architecture review, static code analysis, performance testing as the comprehensive security assessment service against system, network, mobile app and IoT.

In addition to penetration testing, Onward Security also provide the on-demand vulnerability assessment service for operating system, network service, and web application to identify potential vulnerabilities caused by unpatched OS and software, misconfiguration, weak password, and malware attack.

Testing Process

Project Process

Penetration Test Methodology

Penetration Test Methodology

Advantages of Onward Security

Advantages of Onward Security

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