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About CTIA Certification


The popularity of 5G accelerating IoT applications, which has become a big wave of technology, as well as has driven strong demands for cybersecurity testing of connected devices. Onward Security has obtained Asia's only CTIA Authorized Test Labs (CATL) by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) which can assist IoT and telecom equipment manufacturers to conduct cybersecurity testing of connected devices and obtain CTIA certification.

Founded in 1984, CTIA represents the wireless communication industry in the United States. Its members include telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, App developers, and content creators. It has launched many authentication programs related to mobile phones and mobile communications, including batteries, OTA, hardware, and more. In recent years, the IoT Cybersecurity program has been launched. As long as the IoT devices are connected to 4G/5G or WiFi networks to exchange data with vehicles, appliances, infrastructure elements, and more, they can obtain CTIA certification by performing the testing of Third-party Authorized Test Labs.

Three Levels of Certification

Manufacturers may choose one of the following three levels of IoT Cybersecurity Certification, depending on the sophistication of their device, the cybersecurity needs of their market, and/or any requirements set forth by their partners. Third-party Authorized Test Labs will perform the certification tests for each level in accordance with the CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Certification Test Plan to make sure devices meet set cybersecurity elements.


Level 1Level 1 - Core Security

Core security meets the needs of consumer-grade devices.

Elements Include:

  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policies
  • Password MGMT
  • Authentication
  • Access Controls
  • Patch Management
  • Software Upgrades




Level 2Level 2 - Enhanced Security

Enhanced security is well-suited for business and enterprise-managed devices.

Elements Include:

  • Includes Level 1 Elements
  • + Audit Log
  • + Encryption of Data in Transit
  • + Multi-Factor Authentication
  • + Remote Deactivation
  • + Secure Boot
  • + Threat Monitoring
  • + IoT Device Identity



Level 3Level 3 - Advanced Security

Advanced security offers features designed to protect infrastructure-managed .

Elements Include:

  • Includes Level 2 Elements
  • + Digital Signature Generation & Validation
  • + Encryption of Data at Rest
  • + Tamper Evidence
  • + Design-In Features


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