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HERCULES SecDevice is an IoT Vulnerability Testing Tool designed for connected products. It is equipped with functions such as vulnerability testing, fuzz testing, and web security testing. Adopting our patented AI machine learning technology, it accelerates the time and accuracy of vulnerability discovery. The assessments cover IEC 62443, OWASP TOP 10, CWE / SANS TOP 25, and more.


  • Designed for IoT product security

    It is designed for the security testing of connected products. It can automatically analyze and test the security of the targeted equipment through the internet or wireless network connections. Simultaneously, it supports automatic continuous testing and reduces labor processing time.
  • Diversified vulnerability testing techniques

    Utilizing fuzz testing, network vulnerability scanning, web vulnerability scanning, and DOS testing techniques, it can discover known and unknown vulnerabilities, including operating systems, network applications, network protocols, web pages, wireless security vulnerabilities, and more.
  • TCF intelligent discovery technology

    AI technology is used to learn network packets to assist testers to discover the vulnerabilities of various proprietary network protocols, and improve the coverage and integrity of the discovery.
  • Comprehensive test records

    The attack packets and test methods in the discovery process can be recorded. SecDevice provides clear reasons for the vulnerabilities and relevant supporting data to help the user quickly review the product security issues.


  • Reduce labor and tool costs

    It can save the training time of security personnel and reduce the costs of purchasing multiple sets of tools.
  • Reduce professional dependence

    Simple operation design makes testers easily to use, and through detailed test records, effectively help developers solve problems.
  • Improve the integrity of product security testing

    Patented AI machine learning technology can support the discovery of customized protocol security and make up for the shortcomings of traditional security testing methods.


Product Awards

  • 2022 IT World Awards
    2022 IT World Awards
    Hot Technology of the Year | Security Software
  • Global InfoSec Awards 2022
    Global InfoSec Awards 2022
    Most Innovative Compliance Automation

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