Cybersecurity Diagnostics Assessment

Providing comprehensive cybersecurity testing and consulting services for networks, systems, and personnel, so as to strengthen the information security management system, solve cybersecurity protection problems, prevent potential threats and attacks, and ensure overall enterprise security.
Cybersecurity Diagnostics Assessment

Assessment Item

  • Website and System Security Testing
    System Security

    Website and System Security Testing

    Websites, hosts, connected devices, and more are proceeded with vulnerability tests to scan if there are any CVE or security issues caused by improper settings.
  • Malware Detection
    System Security

    Malware Detection

    Detect personal computers and servers that Whether there is malware existing.

  • System Settings and Update Checks
    System Security

    System Settings and Update Checks

    Based on the security configuration benchmark published by the government, it is to ensure organizations' implementation.
  • Network Architecture Check
    Network Security

    Network Architecture Check

    Utilize the network architecture diagram to present the Status, network appliance, and servers' locations, areas, and IP configuration for system administrators' future management.
  • Malicious Activity Detection
    Network Security

    Malicious Activity Detection

    Through network data packet monitoring and network equipment log analysis to understand the organization, and whether the network has abnormal connection status.
  • Email Social Engineering
    Personnel Security

    Email Social Engineering

    Simulate hacking phishing emails to detect employees' cybersecurity risk awareness, and analyze their behaviors, as well as provide training to reduce security risks caused by human error.


  • Cybersecurity diagnostics assessment covers three aspects including network security, system security, and personnel security protection.
  • Combining automated tools and manual analysis operations, it provides professional cybersecurity diagnosis reports and correction suggestions.
  • With in-depth detection technology and professional consultant team, Onward Security has been dedicated to cybersecurity in government, finance, IIoT, IoT, and other industries.
  • Flexible cybersecurity diagnosis services provide customized solutions according to the current situation and customers' needs.

Other Service

  • Red Team

    The red team assessment not only focuses on the security-resistant protection of a single system but also emphasizes the protection breadth of the enterprise boundary network.......
  • DDoS Simulation

    In recent years, attackers have often used distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to try to paralyze the target website, causing users to be unable to connect to the website......


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Why Onward Security

In-depth Cybersecurity Techniques+

  • Uncovered 40+ zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE)
  • Discovered 3000+ IoT product vulnerabilities

Dedicated to IoT Product Security+

  • 200+ cybersecurity projects in IoT industry
  • Tested 1000+ IoT product security

Global Compliance and Certification Capability+

  • 500+ customers / 20+ countries certification obtained
  • Compliance experience in Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, and Medical industry
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