Cybersecurity Compliance

Onward security provides security solutions for compliance checks, security management, architecture review, and SSDLC. We help the clients not only to establish the security management system but also to evaluate the maturity level of the secured development to reduce the security risks and events. IoT can be applied to different scenarios that have already resulted in many security incidents.

Onward not only can provide the 3rd party security audit but also the compliance improvement service to help the clients to get the international security certificates, such as the standards of FIPS 140, GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, IEC 62443 series, ISO 15408, ISO 27034, NIST 800 series, DevSecOps, and more.

Service Items

  • Product Security Programs
  • Common Criteria
  • ISO 21434
  • ISO 27001
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IEC 62443)



  • In compliance with government regulations, industry standards, and client's requirements
  • Find out the vulnerability beforehand to prevent any possible amendment cost
  • Use the industrial standards and international methodologies on the management, procedure, and technologies of the developing environment
  • Promote the security quality of the developing environment


Secure-by-design, streamline cybersecurity compliance assessment

compliance services

Other Services

  • Product Security Assessment

    Onwards’Product Security Assessment Services provide the total solution for the device life-cycle security development ranging from the requirement analysis, designing process, and program development......
  • Cybersecurity Training

    Onward Security provides a great diversity of information security training courses to meet the different client's requirements such as security awareness, secured development, and security test.......


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Why Onward Security

In-depth Cybersecurity Techniques+

  • Uncovered 40+ zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE)
  • Discovered 3000+ IoT product vulnerabilities

Dedicated to IoT Product Security+

  • 150+ cybersecurity projects in IoT industry
  • Tested 700+ IoT product security

Global Compliance and Certification Capability+

  • 300+ customers / 10+ countries certification obtained
  • Compliance experience in IIoT, medical, automotive, BFSI, and consumer IoT industry
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